Cymraeg Campus

  • Miss Evans

Cymraeg Campus – Cymraeg Campus is a Language Charter that is used to promote the use of the Welsh language throughout the school, across the Curriculum and in all area of school life. In school we have established a ‘Criw Cymraeg’ who are a pupil voice setup to encourage and promote the Welsh language. The members include 2 children from each class.

The Criw Cymraeg meet up every week to discuss how to improve the Welsh in school. One of their duties is to lead the Welsh assembly every week where they give out Welsh certificates to the class who are improving their Welsh. They also help in giving out new Welsh phrases of the week e.g. Beth wnes ti dros y penwythnos? What did you do over the weekend?

The Criw Cymraeg have been very successful in reaching the Bronze Award and are working hard to reach the Silver Award.

They have 10 targets to achieve which are:

  • Establish a visual Welsh ethos
  • The advantages of learning Welsh
  • Using incidental Welsh in the classroom
  • Using incidental Welsh outside of the classroom
  • Welsh in assemblies
  • Using apps and Websites to enhance learning and enjoyment
  • Enrichment Welsh activities 
  • Developing Welsh reading
  • Using Welsh across the Curriculum
  • A positive attitude toward the Welsh Language

The Welsh language plays an important part in Llanidloes Primary school life. We encourage, inspire and give many opportunities for children to use the Welsh language and understand it’s importance. This ethos will engage pupils to be culturally active throughout their life.

Bore Da Bach Mis Ebrill

Bore Da Bach Mis Ebrill Here is the latest issue of Bore da bach, a mini-issue of Bore da magazine, published every second month.  BoreDa_bach_Urdd_2021_04 (

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Bore da Magazine March

A new issue of Bore da magazine is waiting for you – just click the link below. For a chance to win a chocolate Easter egg featuring your Seren a Sbarc design, go to page 2. Closing date is 26 March.

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CIP Magazine March

A new issue of Cip magazine is waiting for you – which includes the brilliant comic, Mellten!  For a chance to win a chocolate Easter egg featuring your Seren a Sbarc design, go to page 10. Closing date is 26 March.

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Eisteddfod T 2021

isteddfod T will be back for another year, full of different activities and games that you can take part in from home. Below there are a list of activities that you can be involved in.

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Welsh4Parents This is a new website with many Welsh language resources to help and support parents with distance learning. 

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Bore da February

Bore da February  Have a look at the ‘Bore da’ magazine. There are some great puzzles and games to enjoy. 

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Christmas Activities

Here are some Christmas activities for the Foundation Phase. They are aimed at Years 1&2 but quite a few activities are suitable for Reception children. Have fun learning new Welsh words.  Many thanks Miss Haf Evans

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Welsh Challenge Mats

Welsh Challenge MatHere are some challenges that you can give a go at home. Let’s practice our Welsh!

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Free Welsh Audio Books

Please follow the link below to download free Welsh audio books. There are many stories to download such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Gruffalo and many more.

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Iaw Urdd Magazine

Croeso i rifyn llawn o IAW. Mae’n llawn o bethau diddorol i dy helpu i wella ac ymarfer dy Gymraeg.Oes gen ti dalent? Wel, dyna fydd gweithlen yr wythnos yma yn ei drafod. Dyma gyfle i ymarfer siarad a thrafod yn Gymraeg. A dysgu am dalentau cudd rhai o dy ffrindiau!

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Amser Stori Tic Toc

A series of Welsh stories for young children to listen too with all of their favourite Welsh characters. Have a listen:

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Cymraeg I Blant

Cymraeg I Blant With over 65,000 children in Welsh-Meduim or bilingual primary schools in Wales, why do parents consider the Welsh language important for their children? Find out more from the Welsh Government – Ein Hiaith/ Our Language Welsh belongs to us all – wherever we come from, whatever our backgrounds, however little Welsh we… Read more »

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Wcw a’i ffrindiau / Wcw and friendsWcw is a Fantastic Welsh magazine for children. On Wcw’s Facebook page, they regularly posts fun worksheets with some of your favourite Welsh characters. There are some colouring sheets and reading materials. Pop over and see!

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Book Trust Cymru

Book Trust Cymru Home Time – Amser Gartref Book Trust Cymru We would like to tell you about the Book Trust Cymru HomeTime – Amser Gartref BookTrust Cymru digital hub. We hope this will help children and families at home to share books, stories and rhymes from some of Wales’s favourite writers, illustrators and storytellers,… Read more »

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Urdd Sport Activities

Urdd Sport Activities / Gweithgareddau Chwaraeon yr Urdd Are you keeping active? There are some great ideas inspired by the Olympic games #ActifAdref- Gemau Olympaidd for you to try.There are some activity booklets for you to complete at home too.

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Tric a Chlic

Tric a Chlic is a Welsh synthetic phonics scheme for the Foundation Phase. They have recently published free access to their reading books. The children are very aware of Tric a Chlic. All you need to do is register.

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Y cliciadur/ Clic-It Cymru

Y cliciadur/Clic-It Cymru Here is the latest issue of the bilingual online newspaper Y Cliciadur/Clic-It Cymru. As well as the usual articles and activities it contains an extra page full of rainbow ideas!

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Eisteddfod T

“Shut the living room door, keep the dog quiet and get ready for the next competitor- EISTEDDFOD T is about to start…” Following the disappointment of having to postpone the 2020 Denbighshire Eisteddfod until 2021, we are pleased to announce that Eisteddfod T will be on a screen and radio near you between May 25… Read more »

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Selog Ap

The Selog ap is free to download or follow them on facebook ‘ Selog ap’. This is a 12 week free teaching plan that will enable even non-Welsh-speakers to teach their children Welsh at home. You can download the timetable, apps and worksheet, then look out for supporting weekly videos to motivate the children. 

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Ysgol Cyw School

Follow the link to Ysgol Cyw and find a fun filled page full of educational programmes for your children to enjoy! ⭐️ ⭐️

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Urdd Free Fun Activities

The Urdd are offering fun and free resources for parents. The website features education worksheets, craft and cooking activities, stories and resources, for first and second language Welsh speakers, primary and secondary pupils. Please visit website then click on ‘Joio yn y tŷ ‘. 

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Welsh Apps and Welsh Websites

There are many free apps available for you to download on your iPad to help with learning Welsh. Here are a list of Welsh games / songs and websites that children can play on: Cyw – Welsh nursery rhymes – Learning about numbers in Welsh – Ffrindiau’r wyddor / learning all about the Welsh… Read more »

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Criw Cymraeg achieves Silver Award

The Criw Cymraeg have been very busy promoting Welsh in school.  We are very happy to announce that we have achieved the Silver Award. We are the third school in Powys to achieve this award. Llongyfarchiadau mawr.

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Urdd Swimming Gala

Llongyfarchiadau! Our swimmers did us proud at the Urdd National Swimming Gala in Cardiff on Saturday 25th January.Well done to the y3/4 mixed freestyle relay (pic 1,2), the year 5/6 girls medley relay (pic 4), year 5/6 mixed freestyle relay (pic5) and Maddie in her individual freestyle event (pic 6).

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