Bronze Young Ambassadors

  • Mrs Jenkins

The young ambassador programme aims to inspire and empower young people who are passionate about sport to become leaders through sport within their school community. They are supported in building their leadership skills so that they can help encourage their friends and peers to become ‘hooked on sport’ and physical activity for life.

Who are they?
Pupils in years 5 and 6 who are selected by their peers. These children have to demonstrate their ability to lead, inspire and positively influence other young people to take part in various sports and become more physically active. They are champions of PE and school sport in our primary school.

What do they do?

  • Work to deliver the young ambassadors’ outcomes in our school
  • Work alongside the teachers to organise and supervise sporting events
  • Lead and organise playground activities for Years 1 – 6 to increase participation in PE and promote healthy lifestyles
  • Support older leaders from the high school to deliver sessions in schools and our wider community
  • Plan and deliver whole school assemblies to promote the positive values of sport and healthy living
  • Are positive role models, advocating PE and school sport
  • Are the ‘pupil voice’ for PE and sport within our school