Our Vision

‘Cynefin’ is at the heart of our vision for Ysgol Gynradd Llanidloes.  Our unique local and national culture and heritage stand as a backdrop to all that we do.  Our role as educators is to take on that crucial responsibility of carefully placing a stable platform from which every child can ‘take off’ into the diverse wider world.

Every child who enters our school gates can expect the best.  Through rich, inclusive and stimulating experiences, ‘discovery’ will ignite our children’s creativity and inspire a love for life-long learning.

Cynefin – This is the place where we feel we belong, where the people and landscape around us are familiar, and the sights and sounds are reassuringly recognisable.  Though often translated as ‘habitat’, cynefin is not just a place in a physical or geographical sense; it is the historic, cultural and social place which has shaped and continues to shape the community which inhabits it.