Urdd 2020

  • Miss Evans

Urdd – Urdd Gobaith Cymru is a voluntary youth organisation. It provides opportunities for children and young people to take part in a range of experiences through the medium of Welsh. The Urdd was established in 1922 to give children and young people in Wales opportunities to learn and socialize in Welsh. 

Some of the activities that children can be involved in are

  • Urdd Eisteddfod which include singing, recitation, drama and musical instruments
  • Urdd Arts and Crafts Competition
  • Various sports, such as netball, football, rugby and swimming
  • Dancing competitions
  • Cooking competitions
  • Llangrannog residential outdoor pursuits centre

The school has been actively participating in a range of Urdd activities and has already been successful in various competitions. We hope to build the momentum and give every child the opportunity to experience being apart of this incredible youth movement.


Darn Bach O Dir – Acomp
Darn Bach O Dir – Acomp 2
Darn Bach O Dir – Alto Rhan 1
Darn Bach O Dir – Alto Rhan 2
Darn Bach O Dir – Deulais
Darn Bach O Dir – Rhan 1 Deulais
Darn Bach O Dir – Soprano Rhan 1
Darn Bach O Dir – Soprano Rhan 2
Darn Bach O Dir – Soprano Rhan 3
Darn Bach O Tir – Alto Rhan 3
Fy Llong Fach Arian I – Acomp
Fy Llong Fach Arian I Alaw
Ga i fy mhel nol plis
Mynd Ar Wyliau BL2 Alaw
Pam Ma Mam Acomp
Pam Ma Mam Alaw Talk
Pam Ma Mam Alaw
Rhyfeddodau Acomp
Rhyfeddodau Alaw
Teigr yn y gegin


Eisteddfod T 2021

isteddfod T will be back for another year, full of different activities and games that you can take part in from home. Below there are a list of activities that you can be involved in.

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Iaw Urdd Magazine

Croeso i rifyn llawn o IAW. Mae’n llawn o bethau diddorol i dy helpu i wella ac ymarfer dy Gymraeg.Oes gen ti dalent? Wel, dyna fydd gweithlen yr wythnos yma yn ei drafod. Dyma gyfle i ymarfer siarad a thrafod yn Gymraeg. A dysgu am dalentau cudd rhai o dy ffrindiau!

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Urdd Sport Activities

Urdd Sport Activities / Gweithgareddau Chwaraeon yr Urdd Are you keeping active? There are some great ideas inspired by the Olympic games #ActifAdref- Gemau Olympaidd for you to try.There are some activity booklets for you to complete at home too.

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Urdd Free Fun Activities

The Urdd are offering fun and free resources for parents. The website features education worksheets, craft and cooking activities, stories and resources, for first and second language Welsh speakers, primary and secondary pupils. Please visit urdd.cymru website then click on ‘Joio yn y tŷ ‘. 

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Urdd Swimming Gala

Llongyfarchiadau! Our swimmers did us proud at the Urdd National Swimming Gala in Cardiff on Saturday 25th January.Well done to the y3/4 mixed freestyle relay (pic 1,2), the year 5/6 girls medley relay (pic 4), year 5/6 mixed freestyle relay (pic5) and Maddie in her individual freestyle event (pic 6).

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