Easter Zipwire Challenge

Can you beat Mrs Stead’s score? This chocolate rabbit began a 6m journey with a speed of 22 seconds. With a bit of modification to reduce friction, it reached a distance of 6m in 4 seconds!

Can you beat this speed?

You will need to choose a zipwire material – I used rough garden twine, but maybe you have materials with less friction.

You can send an egg (real or chocolate) or any object along your zipwire. (With parental permission of course!) I wonder if it makes a difference?

You will need to make a carrier for your object. I used parts of a broken water bottle – the lid and then the straw from inside.

Pipe cleaners, old egg boxes, sellotape and string – use your imagination…..

Decide on your incline, type of harness, weight of object.

Modify and refine your ideas.

Can anyone beat 6m in 4 seconds??!! 

Log into hwb and email results to your class teams.