Reception/Year 1

  • Mrs Jenkins

  • Miss Evans

  • Miss Davies

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Crocodocodiles Visit

Children and staff from ‘Crocodocodiles’ visited us to see our dress rehearsal for our class assembly. A lovely time was had by all!

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Y Fari Lwyd

In January we celebrated an old Welsh tradition ‘ Y fari Lwyd’. Groups of children would visit neighbouring houses, singing and bearing good wishes for the year ahead. In school we created our own ‘Fari Lwyd’ and our own ‘perllan’ to give to the children. We sang the traditional song Blwyddyn Newydd dda i chi.

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Australia Day Ionawr 24

We followed a recipe to make Lamington Cake and carefully measured each piece. It was yummy! After learning about Aboriginal Art we created our own. What super artists!

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Weather, Planning, and a Library Visit

Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw? We have enjoyed making records of the weather in Welsh. Here are some of the photographs we took. We have been planning what we would like to learn this term. Here we are starting to explore! We are always busy! This week, we visited Llanidloes Library. We loved listening to a… Read more »

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World Poetry Day – Yr Hydref

To celebrate World poetry day, we rose to the challenge of a 30 minute session to create our own class poem. Here is Miss Evans’ class ‘Yr Hydref’. 

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Journey Sticks

‘We have been enjoying the outdoors and learning all about Autumn. Remember to look out for the journey sticks Miss Davies’ class have been making’. 

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